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HEAVEN&EARTH Testimonials

Below are genuine testimonials sent to us by email.  If you love our service and would like us to feature your testimonial on this page then do not hesitate to fill in the short enquiry form on the contact us page of our website.

Great to see you at Royal Windsor horse show again this year. Just love the variety of scarves that you have for sale on your stall and they are so reasonably priced too. Many of the other shopping outlets at the show are so expensive that I can't afford to buy anything. At least I can buy several scarves from your stall as gifts for my friends. I hope you will be there next year as I will be back again to buy some more! - Louise Pollock

I wanted to take the time to pay my compliments to Heaven & Earth UK.
You are fabulous! You always have the most updated & fashion trends going! I can spend all day checking out new and fun fashion choices. No one can fault your taste and excellent shopping experience.
Keep it coming! - Patty Brown