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Our Pashmina shawls are handmade using the very finest cashmere. We carefully source and ensure we stock the very best cashmere produced. A real pashmina is made using only the finest cashmere fleece from the underbelly of a goat native to the Himalayas which produces two coats, a thick coarse coat and an incredibly fine fleece that it uses to keep it very warm even in sub zero temperatures. It is this precious fleece that is used in our pashminas. Ethically Handmade in Nepal and Northern India.

Our lambswool shawls are made by us in the North of India, we have a family run business which has been running for over 21 years. All our products are ethically produced providing many families with a good and fair income for themselves and for their families. The craft of embroidery and beadwork is a specialised skill but with the help, money and encouragement, this skill is now being passed on from generation to generation and is a skill we want to keep alive. As all our products are made from us right from the picking of the wool to the finished garment, we monitor exactly what goes into the fabric to produce the finished product. We carefully monitor production, and all our products are 100% natural.

At the end of its life, wool is bio-degradable in soil, releasing important nutrients back into the earth.